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We Belive in

One God
, existing in three persons:: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit -- the same in substance attributes and essence and equal in power and glory. God is both infinite and personal.

The Bible. Since God is personal He has spoken. The Bible is the Word of God. It contains no errors as given originally, and it is the single written authority for our lives not only in matters of faith and practice but also in every area to which it speaks, including history, geography and science.

Creation and the Fall. Man was created morally good by God, male and female in God's image, but man freely chose to sin and thereby plunged himself and mankind into spiritual death and separation from God. This was an actual historic event with detrimental consequences to man both spiritually and physically including his moral and volitional abilities. The fall also had detrimental consequences to the physical universe and the environment and introduced for the first time suffering, death, and natural disasters.

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, as the only savior of men. The death of Christ was given as the substitution for what we, who are believers, deserve due to our sin. His obedient life and substitutionary death accomplished redemption from the fall and salvation for those who believe. Whereas the first Adam failed, Christ as the second Adam succeeded and secured a spiritual people of His own. Christ also redeemed the physical universe and the environment, but these will not be re-created until His second coming as "the new heavens and the new earth".

The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This historic time-space event not only completed His work of salvation on the cross but demonstrated the truth of His claims and of His Word to a watching world and the certainty of His second coming to judge the world and take believers unto Himself into eternity.

God's gift of salvation. Men and women cannot earn salvation; rather they receive salvation as a free gift by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Men and women receive this gift through faith involving repentance leading to a changed heart, attitude, and behavior. This change is done by God's Spirit and will continue throughout a believer's life but will not be completed until we receive new resurrected bodies like Christ's upon his return at His second coming. Saving faith is a free gift from God to those of His sovereign choosing.

The sovereignty of God. God is in control of, and has authority over all events of the world and our personal lives notwithstanding our human responsibility and accountability to God and the fact that our choices do make a difference both in time and in eternity.

See: Statement of Faith of Campus Crusade for Christ and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

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